9 Best Breakfast Spots in The Bend

There’s no better way to start your day than with breakfast. Pour a stream of maple syrup over a mountain of pancakes. Spread homemade jam over a crunchy piece of toast. Don’t forget to have a bite of those golden scrambled eggs, cooked to perfection and packed with flavor.

With so many options available, you may be asking — “Where do I go for the best breakfast in The Bend?” We’re here to guide you toward the best breakfast possible.

Follow the Breakfast Beat Map and try the 10 best breakfast spots in The Bend as voted by residents and visitors during the 2018 St. Joseph County Breakfast Wars. Although Macadoo’s Family Restaurant was named the winner, every restaurant on the Breakfast Beat serves up delicious, hearty breakfast — and some items you might not have tried yet.

Chico’s Restaurant

Serving an authentic Mexican and American breakfast in South Bend since 1996, Chico’s has everything you need to start your day off right.  The eatery on Western Avenue is famous for their Mexican-style breakfasts like burritos and tacos filled with eggs, chorizo sausage and Mexican-style potatoes.

“This is like breakfast at my mom’s.” says Chico’s owner Federico Rodriguez Jr.

Curve Café

“Welcome Friends.” These two words are above the door as you enter this Mishawaka restaurant and they mean it. The staff at Curve Café is friendly to every customer. And they also know how to whip up some tasty dishes. The stuffed cinnamon roll topped with strawberries and blueberries is the owner’s favorite. Curve Café’s food is locally-sourced and budget-friendly.

Hilltop Restaurant

Hilltop Restaurant has been a hub in Lakeville for 40 years. Take a look around the restaurant as you wait for your order. Hilltop is filled with antiques and knickknacks brought in by customers over the years. You’ll see a sign that reads, “Real Food Served in Real Time.” This couldn’t be more true — all the food is made from scratch. Fuel up for the day with a High-Octane Pancake that has oatmeal and flax seeds. Orange sauce layered on top of the stuffed French toast, which brings out even more flavor.

Jeannie’s House

This family-owned and operated diner has served up mouthwatering comfort food in South Bend for more than six years now. You won’t leave here hungry after you try their popular corned beef hash, jalapeño sausage and their homemade jam atop a golden-brown piece of toast. Customers may come for the food, but they return for the great service and friendly staff. Jeannie’s House is so popular a second location opened in nearby Niles.

Macadoo’s Family Restaurant


Good luck making a decision from this robust menu. Stuffed French toast is a top choice for this Mishawaka eatery. The Farmers Omelet is an owner’s favorite. Customers have also said Macadoo’s makes the best loaded biscuits and gravy in The Bend. What’s the secret that crowned this game the best breakfast spot around here? Attention to detail. “This is my livelihood,” says owner Tim McDonald. “I want to make sure everything is perfect.”

Nick’s Patio

Known as “The Home of the House Croissant,” Nick’s Patio’s menu is wide-ranging to ensure everyone has something to eat. Bite into the French toast, topped with your choice of strawberries or blueberries. Order a Greek skillet and you’ll enjoy two eggs atop American fries, gyro meat, onions, tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. And who says ice cream is just for dessert? Nick’s Patio serves the Waffle A La Mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

The Original Pancake House

This South Bend pancake house is most well known for their apple pancakes cooked with fresh apples and cinnamon. They also feature German pancakes made with fresh lemon juice, but there is a lot more to offer here than just pancakes. Try the strawberry waffle, corned beef hash and a fresh fruit crepe. Wash all that down with some fresh squeezed orange juice. Keep an eye out for Nancy Wesler, the owner. She’ll greet you with a smile and check in on your meal.


Peg Dalton has been serving up breakfast in downtown South Bend since 2001. She re-branded in 2017 to reflect not only her name, but a personal touch. Menu essentials at Peggs include Peggs Eggs and Birds in the Nest, where two eggs are dropped in the hole of Texas toast with ham, cream cheese and chives. The restaurant’s decor is driven by community and the University of Notre Dame, giving you another taste of South Bend.

Looking for more downtown South Bend breakfast spots? L Street Kitchen, on Lafayette Boulevard across from the County-City Building, and Yellow Cat Café (on Colfax Avenue just east of downtown) are worth your time.

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South Bend Farmers Market Café

You can find this breakfast spot tucked inside the Farmers Market, one of The Bend’s landmarks. Chef Nate revamped the menu over the last year by utilizing the the produce, meat and other ingredients available right in the market. Utilizing both a weekly menu board and a seasonal menu, customers are always treated to something new. Dive into the country fried steak, butternut squash hash and the flavorful blueberry pancakes.

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