Penn High School

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Penn High School is one of the largest High Schools in Northern Indiana. Penn High School has a rich history in athletics and have some of the best facilities in town. Below are some of them that are available to hold your next event at: TCU Freed Field TCU Freed Field, located on the east side of Penn High School, is a state-of-the-art facility that is home to Penn High School Football, Boys and Girls Track, and the Club Sports of Boys and Girls Lacrosse. TCU Freed Field also hosts band competitions, the Silver Mile, intramural sports events, youth sports camps and athletic training events and Penn High School Wellness classes. With a seating capacity of 8,000, TCU Freed Field is one of the largest high school football venues in the state of Indiana. There are 4,500 seats on the home side, and 3,500 seats on the visitor’s side. Additional bleachers can also be brought in for special events. TCU Freed Field features an AstroTurf multi-purpose synthetic surface that was installed in 2010. Surrounding the football field is a Martin Surface all-weather 400-meter eight-lane track that hosts IHSAA Sectional events. There are dual facilities in the track complex for high jump, long jump and pole vault, allowing for flexibility due to weather. The football field has full lighting and LED scoreboards. Main Arena The Penn High School Arena is home to Boys and Girls Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Poms, Wellness classes and Robotics Competitions. Capacity seating for the Arena is 4,000, with 1,268 seats in the lower Arena. The Arena features a two-tone wood playing surface that was resurfaced in 2010, and has three LED scoreboards and efficient instant indoor illumination (80-plus lumens). There are adjacent male and female locker rooms in the Arena, and an additional six male and female locker rooms nearby. Jordan Automotive Group Baseball Field The Jordan Automotive Group Baseball Field, located just north of the main Penn High School building off of Bittersweet Rd., has a seating capacity of more than 1,200. Bleachers are constructed behind both the home-team dugout and the visiting-team dugout. The field has a clay and grass surface that was installed in 2006. The dimensions of the field are: 315 feet to the left-field foul pole. 380 feet to the center-field fence, and 315 feet to the right-field foul pole. The backstop area is 40 feet. There are enclosed concrete dugouts on the first-base and third-base sides, as well as batting cages. Jordan Automotive Group Field has lighting for night games. Penn High Pool Penn High School’s swimming pool is a three-part pool, with a wading area (6-inches by 2-feet), an eight-lane swimming pool (25 meters, 440,000 gallons of water), and a diving well (14 feet deep) that has two diving boards. The pool has a Colorado Timing Touchpad System, an LED scoreboard, and updated lighting to reduce glare on the water. The pool has an adjustable bulkhead to change the length of pool for both practice and competition. The pool complex has male and female locker rooms and showers. There is seating for 500 spectators. Lionshead Specialty Tire and Wheel Soccer Field Both Penn Boys and Girls Soccer teams play at Lionshead Specialty Tire and Wheel Soccer Fields. It is located north of the high school, and east of the Educational Services Center off of Bittersweet Rd. The natural-grass field is 70 yards by 120 yards. The field is fully lighted for night games, and features an LED scoreboard. There covered concrete dugouts. May Oberfell Lorber Softball Field The complex is located north of Penn High School. It has a limestone and grass surface that was renovated in 2015. There is an estimated seating capacity of more than 500. The visitor and home-team sides feature bleachers on each the visitor and home team's side. There is also open fencing along the backstop to allow people to bring lawn chairs and get a view from behind the plate. Additional seating can be brought in for special tournament events. The fences are 215 feet from home plate to right field and also 215 feet to left field, and 220 feet to center field. The field has full lighting for night games. Dar and Dot Wiekamp Tennis Courts The tennis courts are outdoor public courts and are fully lighted. The tennis courts are north of the high school building. There are 10 hard-style tennis courts built in 2008 at the Penn High School tennis facility. The courts are green on the interior of the courts and red on the outside.