Frank Eck Stadium

Notre Dame
Leahy Drive, Notre Dame, IN 46556

Location Information


Upon its opening in 1994, the 2,500-seat stadium became the latest jewel among Notre Dame's ever-expanding athletic facilities. Located on the southeast corner of campus, Eck Stadium has become quite friendly to the Irish. Eck Stadium includes spacious home and visitor locker-room areas, meeting rooms and coaching facilities for each team. The stadium also houses a beautiful press box overlooking home plate and the 2,500-seat grandstand. The stadium is illuminated by a state-of-the-art lighting system, allowing for night play. A brand-new, state of the art amber LED board with full color 48" by 256" LED screen was installed in August of 2011. The board provides up to three lines of text and can process imported graphics and in-game statistics and display them by a multitude of animated patterns. The board also can display a running clock and serve as a marquee to promote events.