Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture

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5March 18, 2019Great day at the football stadium for Hockey. It was as much fun as going to football games at the stadium. The crew working were pleasant and nice when interacting.Read More
4March 10, 2019I am an Ohio State fan through in through. However there is still something awe inspiring about this stadium. We weren’t there for an event just in the area for a day and decided to take a tour of...Read More
5February 13, 2019What an amazing place. If you ever get the chance to goto Notre Dame... take the time to look around.. an absolutely stunning campus. The entire campus/ school was a great time and vary gracious to...Read More
Downtown South Bend
1045 W. Washington St, South Bend, IN 46601

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Provides premier educational opportunities and inspiration via the creation and appreciation of art, the study of cultures, and community engagement. Houses the Crossroads Gallery for Contemporary Art, Segura Arts Studio, and provides community outreach and educational programs.