Potato Creek: A Serene Escape at the Lake

Take an escape from the stresses of life and take a trip to the third most visited Indiana state park, Potato Creek State Park. When you enter the park, the abundance of trees will greet as will the chirping of the robins in the trees. Start out your day with lunch at any one of the peaceful picnic areas nestled into the trees. Pick up a baseball and play a game of a catch on the open fields or pull out a blanket and take in the peace and quiet of Potato Creek as you lay under the warm, afternoon sun.

Fun Under the Sun

The sounds of leaves crunching beneath your feet is sure to accompany you as you make your way through the winding trails that take you through the park’s maple and oak hickory forests. Along the way, be on the lookout for an osprey or two flying overhead and catch a glimpse of a deer prancing through the woods. Head over to Trail 4 for over two miles of hiking and be ready to spot a warbler or passerine flying around or resting on a nearby branch.

If biking is more your speed, pedal your way through Potato Creek as the wind blows through your hair and the sunlight makes attempts to pierce through the heavily wooded areas. Whether it is a leisurely ride with your kids or a mountain biking excursion with fellow adrenaline junkies, be sure to stop and look at the trees that line the trails as previous bikers have etched their initials and love notes onto the nearby tree trunks in hopes of coming across them when they visit again.

Canoeing at Potato Creek
Canoeing on Worster Lake

The 327-acre acre Worster Lake serves as the focal point to this massive park and it allows for several avenues of fun. Bring the family out to the beach and feel the sand in between your toes as you stand at the waters edge before plunging in to beat the heat of summer. You can take a boat, canoe, paddle boat or even kayak out on the water as well. As you dock off from shore, you will see fisherman on the other side of the lake with their lines in the water patiently waiting for a bass or bluegill to bite. After only a few minutes on the water, your mind will start to drift and you will get lost in the beauty of the park from the team of ducks floating along the water to the leaves changing colors in the fall.

There is no need to stop the fun after the sun sets. Potato Creek offers cabin rentals throughout the year so you can keep the good times rolling. Enjoy a family cabin with your loved ones, but be sure to reserve early because they are so popular they get picked over quickly. Just a short walk from the cabins is the mountain biking trail, nature center and, when winter arrives, the sledding hills.

Just a short 25 minute drive from downtown South Bend, Potato Creek State Park allows you to slip away and enjoy the simple things—the thrill you get when you finally catch a fish, the adrenaline you feel as you bike through the woods, the smell of a campfire in the evening and laying under the stars to round out your night. Call 574.656.8186 to learn more and begin planning your outdoor adventure at Potato Creek State Park.

See You Around The Bend!