Young Professionals Can Get Rich in South Bend

As a young professional, you want to live in a city with affordable housing and above-average salaries. If you are looking to save money and get rich in America, look no further than South Bend. Money Under 30 recently found the top 10 cities where young professionals can save money and get rich, and South Bend was ranked No. 1.

Where you live will directly impact how wealthy you become. You need to find a place that offers housing which won’t break the bank and work a job that provides decent wages as well. Money Under 30, an independent personal finance website, studied cities across the United States to find this ideal combination of both decent salaries and modest expenses.

Along with looking for cities where you can earn and save at the same time, the site looked specifically at young professionals between the ages of 18 and 34 for this study. According to the Census Bureau’s 2014 projections (the most up-to-date data available), South Bend was ranked No. 1 among all other cities. With a metro population of 268,291 and counting, the median income of those with a bachelor’s degree or higher in South Bend is $71,829 which is 10 percent above No. 2 Springfield. The median rent in South Bend is $720 and 65 percent of young professionals living in South Bend make more than $35,000 annually.

With large market cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis being only a short drive away in the car, you can experience the hustle and bustle of the big city. The University of Notre Dame is both the iconic symbol of South Bend as well as the city’s top employer.

With things to do from white water rafting and having a drink at one of the local brewpubs to catching a game at the ballpark and seeing a Broadway show in downtown, you won’t be bored living in South Bend. For the full list of the best cities in America for young adults to get rich, click here.