It’s Always Time to Break Out the Bikes

biking-southbend-mishawakaWhether the air is getting that crisp Fall feel, or if the last of the snow has just melted away, it is always a great time to enjoy exploring the South Bend Mishawaka community on two wheels! Here you will find some great bike-centric events, as well as some resources to keep you pedaling throughout the year.

Bike the Bend

This annual event has been going on for more than five years! Bike the Bend allows riders of all experience levels and ages to enjoy a leisurely, non-competitive ride through our community. Highlights of the 30+ mile route include college campuses, historic garden and Four Winds Field. Riders can choose their stopping and starting points along the ride, making it easy to come and go as you please.

Bike to Work Week

For one week each summer, cyclists are encouraged to ditch their gas guzzlers in favor of their bicycles when commuting to and from work. Several downtown South Bend restaurants and attractions offer special events for those participating in Bike to Work Week, including a pancake breakfast, a bike-centric movie screening, lunch specials and much more.

Bike Michiana for Hospice

Routes for this event, which has been happening in our area for more than six years, vary from 3.5 mile Family Ride all the way to 125 miles for avid cyclists. Expect plenty of entertainment and refreshments at the various SAG stops along the routes, making for a fun and relaxing day of pedaling about town.

Mishawaka Riverwalk and South Bend Riverwalk

Ride along the winding riverwalk through our local communities! The Mishawaka riverwalk runs along both banks of the St. Joseph River with pedestrian bridges situated in many of the riverside parks for easy crossing. The South Bend riverwalk stretches from the the edge of South Bend and Mishawaka, and runs through downtown to the north edge of the city – this makes for one easy, and oh-so-scenic ride through the South Bend area!

Bike Run Walk South Bend Mishawaka

With miles upon miles of riverside biking, running and walking paths throughout our community, taking a little ride is always a good idea! Check out our Bike Run Walk South Bend Mishawaka brochure to help you plan your route, find some points of interest along the way, and find out where to get your hands on a rental bike!