Hidden Gems: The Hall of Heroes

IT’S A BIRD… IT’S A PLANE… IT’S THE HALL OF HEROES MUSEUM. If you ever drove by in passing, you may not think too much of it. Much like any good superhero, the Hall of Heroes Museum has an innocent disguise on. However, after walking inside you will quickly realize just how “super” this museum really is!

As the only comic book and superhero museum in the world, the Hall of Heroes provides visitors, young and old, with a seemingly endless supply of crime-fighting heroes and evil villains. For the younger fans of comic books, the museum serves as a first step into the world of superheroes. Here they will learn more about the origins of the superheroes they love, like Batman and Superman, while discovering some new masked heroes, like Aquaman and Green Arrow. The older fans will take a trip down memory lane as they find some of their favorite comics and toys from their childhood while finding something that will have them saying, “Wow I wish I had that growing up.”

Witness the history and evolution of your all-time favorites through the golden, silver, and bronze age of comic books featuring some of the rarest comics in the country. .

BatmanMake your way over to the “Bat Cave” for the one people in Gotham City call “The Batman.” This silent protector protects Gotham City from the likes of The Joker, The Riddler, and even the dreaded Mr. Freeze. Your eyes will scan over the several autographed photographs, posters, original artwork, and toys. You may even find yourself quietly humming Batman’s theme song in your head when you find the actual Batman costume of Adam West which he wore throughout the 1970s and 80s.

If you prefer to watch your superheroes saving the world on the silver screen rather than in the comics, this museum has you covered.

Take a look at Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern ring from the 2011 film Green Lantern and feast your eyes on one of the Green Goblin’s Pumpkin Bombs from the 2002 film Spider-Man. You can even see what it is like to be Captain America by getting the chance to get your picture holding Chris Evans’ Captain America shield from Captain America: The First Avenger.

Make your way up to the second floor of the museum and discover even more comic books, toys and memorabilia of hundreds of different superheroes, including X-Men, Thor and the Hulk (you won’t like him when he is angry). There you will even find life-size replicas of Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Open seven days a week, the Hall of Heroes serves as a great, inexpensive destination for field trips, birthdays, and even a “father-son day.” This weekend show off your inner child and be a superhero.