Fun Summer Activities in South Bend Mishawaka

Summer in South Bend Mishawaka is all about making memories. It is the rush you get while battling white water rapids. It is the crack of a bat and the roar of the crowd during a ball game. The taste of melted cheese on top of a freshly cooked burger will remind you of family barbecues from years past. Live music will fill the night sky as will the clinking of glasses in nearby pubs and restaurants. And a one-of-a-kind downtown art installation will surely light up the night well after the sun sets.

Visit South Bend Mishawaka is here to help you start planning your summer weekend getaway. From Memorial Day weekend through the end of August, there are plenty of fun weekend activities for summer in The Bend.

Art Beat
Art Beat in Downtown South Bend

After going to your first South Bend Cubs game, attending the Pulse FM Downtown Series, trying a number of local eateries during Summer Restaurant Week and taking part in the Notre Dame Trail, you will want to return to The Bend to experience even more summer fun. Let us help you make some memories this summer in South Bend Mishawaka. The weekend is here. Mondays Can Wait.

  1. May 26 – 29
  2. June 2 – 4
  3. June 9 – 11
  4. June 16 – 18
  5. June 30 – July 2
  6. July 7 – 9
  7. July 14 – 16
  8. July 28 – 30
  9. August 18 – 20
  10. August 25 – 27