A Guide to Dining Out During COVID-19

Dining out continues amid the coronavirus pandemic, it just looks a little different.

Many restaurants still aren’t operating at full capacity or with modified hours and services. It can be a confusing time to grab a bite to eat. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are five things to think about and expect before you visit a restaurant in our community.

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Call Before You Go

Hours, menus and other details are changing regularly. Calling restaurants directly and checking their social media are the best ways to get the most updated information. You might also be asked to make a reservation, so calling in advance is the way to go.

Carryout and Delivery Remain Available

If you’d rather take carryout or get delivery, those options largely remain available. Many restaurants continue to offer curbside pickup too. Call ahead to make sure or place your order.

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Wear a Mask

Masks are required in Indiana and around The Bend whenever you’re in an enclosed public space or if social distancing can’t be maintained. This includes restaurants, except when you’re eating and drinking at your table. Wear your mask to protect others, like your server, and yourself.

Servers in PPE

In the interest of safety, servers and kitchen staff are required to wear masks too.

Plan for Less Available Seating

As we mentioned above, restaurants can operate at full capacity but many are not with social distancing in mind. This might lead to increased wait times, but some patience goes a long way as everyone does their best to adjust.