South Bend Area in 24 Hours for Notre Dame Fans

The University of Notre Dame has a rich history, and that history spreads throughout the South Bend community. There is no doubt that many people come to this area to experience the allure of the University, but many may be surprised how much Notre Dame history can be seen off campus as well as on.

Tour the Notre Dame campus

grotto-basilica-notre-dameThere is nothing as picturesque as the Notre Dame campus during any season of the year. A guided walking tour of the campus will take you to all the well-known landmarks, including the Main Building’s Golden Dome, Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Joyce Center. Each guide has special anecdotes and details to share along the way, making each tour given one-of-a-kind.

Enjoy Lunch in the Shadow of the Stadium

Make your way to Legends of Notre Dame, located 100 yards south of Notre Dame Stadium, for a special dining experience. Notre Dame Regalia lines the walls, offering diners plenty to see while enjoying classic American fare.

Tour Notre Dame Stadium

Get an inside look at this famed football stadium. Tour the concourse and learn about the many coaches who are remembered for their time there, then check out the view from the press box. If the practice schedule allows, you may even get a peek inside the locker room and get to touch the legendary “Play Like A Champion Today” sign.

Check out the Studebaker National Museum and The History Museum

Both the Studebaker National Museum and The History Museum have special ties to the University of Notre Dame. Famed ND player and Coach Knute Rockne worked for the Studebaker company, and The History Museum always has a special Notre Dame-centric exhibit on display in their Raclin Gallery, which changes every year.

Dinner at Rocco’s

This long-standing pizza place and Italian restaurant, Rocco’s, just blocks south of campus, is a favorite hangout for students, locals, visiting fans, and one Regis Philbin!

Midnight Drummer’s Circle

This Football Weekend tradition marks the beginning of gameday, and is a sight to be seen. The Notre Dame Drumline gathers outside the Main Building, with the famed Golden Dome as their backdrop, at midnight the night before the game, leading the crowd in cadences and cheers to celebrate the coming festivities.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

There are plenty of hotels on or near the Notre Dame campus, with some boasting great views of some of the campus’ iconic landmarks, so it’s time to rest up before you get your last few hours in town under your belt.

Take the South Bend Chocolate Company Tour

The South Bend Chocolate Company boasts a whole line of Notre Dame inspired treats, and the factory tour allows visitors to get an inside look at how such goodies are made. Tours take place every hour on the hour, last about 45 minutes, and include plenty of FREE SAMPLES – sign us up!

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